PDF – Four Arts Scholarship Package

PDF – Four Arts Scholarship Package


Forrest is giving away a set of seven PDFs to music educators who are unable to afford them. The Scholarship Package is worth 56.65 US Dollars, and includes the PDFs listed at the below. 

These PDFs give piano teachers a way to begin teaching the Four Arts of Music. The idea is this: Once a student learns to improvise freely in many styles and arrange familiar melodies in many styles using a wide variety of chords and interpret the notes of composers, the student has a strong foundation for composition, the fourth main musical art.

Scholarship Package:

Music-Creativity-Joy ($9.95)

This book includes 105 short essays that explore the Four Arts of Music (improvising, arranging, interpreting, and composing) and also six supporting subjects (pedagogy, theory, history, flowology (technique), freeology (psychology), and therapy).

Create First Duet 1 ($7.95)

Create First is the final “Pattern Play” series from Forrest, enabling teachers to teach improvisation from the very first lesson. Teachers have “musical conversations” with students in many musical styles in each lesson. Each of the 29 pieces comes with a companion video.

Create First Solo 1 ($7.95)

Whereas the Duet book is used by the teacher and student in the lesson, the Solo book is used by the student at home. Each of the 29 pieces comes with a companion video.

Puzzle Play Prep ($6.95)

This is for beginners or people new to arranging. Students who don’t yet read music can be guided through the book by the teacher. This book helps a person learn to play eight of the most popular melodies of all time and add simple bass lines. It prepares a person’s ears, hands, and mind to start the art of arranging.

Puzzle Play 1-A ($7.95)

In this book, students learn about the most basic chords and how to make their own arrangements for solo piano. They learn to style colors, add color tones, and substitute minor chords for the usual major ones. Also, about inverting chords and making arrangements in ragtime and boogie-woogie styles.

Puzzle Play 1-B ($7.95)

Students learn how to transform simple chords into full-sounding accompaniments. This means students will be able to play music with singers and others, and also play in bands of various kinds. In addition, they will be able to accompany themselves when performing or writing songs. 

Opposite Twins, Book 1 ($7.95)

This series is for students who have been reading music for at least a year or so and are ready to explore the art of interpreting. With this book, students play the same piece in opposite ways to explore music “from the inside” and be directed by different sets of feelings.

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