The Art of Interpreting

Beginning Years - Opposite Twins - Modes in All Keys - Star Music Suite - Music is Feeling, Not Sound


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Beginning Years

Beginning Years

This collection of 32 piano pieces is for teenagers and adults in their beginning five or so years of study. These beginners want to play music that sounds rich and inviting, yet they are limited by their reading ability, undeveloped coordination, and limited practice time. They need pieces with sophisticated sounds that evoke complex feelings, yet are simple enough for them to read, learn, and play.
Though the tones of these pieces are often complex, the notes are simple. Most pieces are pattern-based, so they can be learned and memorized quickly. They often don’t require a lot of coordination, or they help develop it by focusing on one repeating movement with many variations. And these pieces to be longer than most, so students could immerse themselves in the experience of playing. This kind of immersion leads to more enjoyment and much quicker progress at the piano.

Listen to Audio Samples for Beginning Years

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Opposite Twins

Opposite Twins - Book 1 (A Primer on the Art of Interpreting)

This series is for students who have been reading music for a while and are ready to explore the art of interpreting. With this book, you play the same piece in opposite ways to explore music “from the inside” and be directed by quite different feelings. See the Sampler for some sample pages that show the approach.

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Modes in All Keys

Each book includes 11 pieces in the various modes in a different key.

Modes Book 1 (White Keys)

This is a collection of 11 pieces featuring modes on white keys. You can watch videos showing two of the pieces found in Modes Book 1: Born of Silence The Basis

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Modes Book 2 (One Sharp)

This set includes 11 pieces in the various modes that have one sharp (F-sharp) in the key signature.

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Star Music Suite

Star Music Suite

This consists of five relatively short pieces for solo piano. All these pieces were conceived at night, and they feel most at home when played in the dark. These pieces are for experienced pianists.

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Music is Feeling, Not Sound


Music is Feeling, Not Sound -

Seven solo piano pieces that evoke strong feelings.

Listen to audio samples of Music is Feeling, Not Sound

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