Songs by Helppie and Kinney

Collections of songs composed by Forrest Kinney and vocalist Kevin Helppie, Ph. D.

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Bridges to Artistry

Etudes in Modern Idioms

The 26 pieces in each book are etudes that develop sensitivity to all the different intervals while also developing the ability to sing and hear them accurately. We envision this book being used and enjoyed by voice teachers and students, music theory students, and any instrumental musician.

Intervals are more than the bridges between tones; they are the relationships between neighboring pitches. Music is really about feeling the depth of these complex relationships. Sensitizing ourselves to intervals and singing them accurately is the basis for musical confidence, thus building a bridge to artistry.

Bridges to Artistry - Low Voice, Basic Piano

This collection has 26 songs for singing all the intervals in modern musical idioms. The piano part is as basic as possible to allow students and teachers to play the accompaniments.

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Bridges to Artistry - High Voice, Basic Piano

This collection of 26 songs is the same as above, put transposed for the higher voice.

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Drops of Silver


Drops of Silver

This cycle of eight songs was finished in November, 2015. It is based on poetry by Charles, Duke of Orleans who lived from 1394 to 1465.

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World Songs

A unique offering to the art song tradition.

Each of the 35 World Songs is based on an evocative poem from ancient China or elsewhere in the world. Each features lyric melodies and an improvisatory quality. The lyrics are from ancient poems, yet the music is contemporary.

World Songs, Volume One

This book offers 14 songs to be enjoyed by all singers, but particularly those in the earlier stages of study.

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World Songs, Volume Two

This second collection of World Songs presents 21 songs for the intermediate to advanced singer.

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Oyster Blues


Oyster Blues

This song cycle is based on poems of Henry Hughes, a living poet who resides in the state of Oregon. The six songs are titled Oyster Blues, Willamette Falls, Eccentric Sand Dollar, Behind Glass Doors, Valentines Day, and Old Age.

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