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“Now is the time—and it will always be the time—to be inspired and to create.”

                  — Forrest Kinney, from Creativity Beyond Compare


Publications to Inspire Creativity

FREE! Sampler

Download over 200 pages from 37 of Forrest’s publications and links to videos introducing his books.

The Art of Arranging

This collection includes three series: Puzzle Play, Chord Play, and Birthday Variations.

The Art of Improvising

This includes Create First books, PDFs, and videos, and two Pattern Play series.

The Art of Interpreting

Beginning Years, Modes in All Keys, Opposite Twins, and more encourage pianists to move beyond “correct” to creative.

Books on Creativity

Books that explore how to invite creativity into daily life, an artistic practice, and a music studio.

Songs by Helppie and Kinney

Various collections of songs composed by Forrest Kinney and vocalist Kevin Helppie, Ph.D.