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Music - Creativity - Joy

This PDF contains 105 short essays and articles on music and creativity.

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Music - Creativity - Joy

Explore a creativity-based approach to music education that is fundamentally different from the usual performance-based one. The ideas and approaches explored here are based on the understanding that music can be like a native language and offer a similarly broad spectrum of creative possibilities.

I call my approach to music education The Four Arts of Music because I see four main avenues for creativity in music: improvising, arranging, composing, and interpreting. This book explores these arts and various Supporting Subjects including Pedagogy, Theory, and History.

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Creativity Beyond Compare

This book explores eighteen topics on creativity and artistic practice.

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Creativity Beyond Compare

Eighteen years in the making, this 208-page book articulates a new—yet old and forgotten—understanding of art and creativity. It explores how to move beyond common misunderstandings about creativity to discover one’s own genius.

This book is for anyone practicing an art or wishing to. It reveals that the nature of art has been buried under a number of misconceptions, and it encourages the reader to discover the delight of creating something profoundly personal, something unique that is “beyond compare.”

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