Other Free Resources

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Creative Mind Project

This is a new website featuring free videos on an “art of thinking” that encourages a creative life. This website is a public service—there is nothing to buy.


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True Wealth Index

On this website you can explore the idea that wealth doesn’t merely mean to have lots of money and things. Wealth means “well being.” There are at least 101 different ways to be well-thy.

On this site, you can get a score that indicates your present level of well-being. This website is a public service—there is nothing to buy.



The Express Keys

What happens when a pianist who loves to write (but hates the QWERTY computer keyboard) devotes 6000 hours to designing the "Ideal Writing Tool"? Go to this website to find out!

The best way to learn about this surprising invention (which Forrest calls "my best idea ever") is to watch the introductory video. You can watch the first ten minutes to get the essence of the idea, then perhaps watch the remaining 17 minutes to fill in some of the key details.

This invention was awarded a US Patent in 2012.