PDF with Studio License — Create First Duet 1

PDF with Studio License — Create First Duet 1


41 Pages

This first book in the series explores Musicality on Black Keys and then Scales on White Keys. Each of the 29 pieces has a Bottom part and a Top part. The Bottom part is usually played by the teacher, and the Top part is improvised by the student.

Watch free videos where Forrest demonstrate a way to teach and play each piece.

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1   Sunrise

2   Moonrise

3   Weather

4   For the Joy  

5   Leaving the Harbor

6   Dragon Festival

7   Don’t Give Up!

8   Falling to Earth

9   Hot Sand, Cool Waters

10  Bottom Line Blues

11  Shark Music

12  Agree to Disagree (March)

13  Holding On

14  New Day, New Way

15  Bueno!

16  Scales Dream of Melodies.

17  Easy Going

18  Glimmer of Hope

19  Arabian Nights

20  Endless Road

21  Music of the Moment

22  Traveling

23  Kyoto

24  In the Mix

25  Scotland

26  Sky

27  Whole Lot of Weirdness

28  Cool

29  Why Worry?