Wondering why I don’t ship internationally?

1.  SHIPPING COSTS:  International postage usually costs more than the books themselves. For example, I recently shipped my Original Pattern Play Book Set to Spain. The three books sell for $37. Postage was $55. In the US, it costs me just $4 to ship the same three books!  

2.  TIME:  I need to make a trip to the Post Office to determine the cost of shipping and another to ship the books. I must fill out customs forms. This is time consuming, especially when the line at the Post Office is long. In addition, I need to write two emails to see if the customer is willing to pay for the shipping and then determine how. Inside the US, everyone just pays $4 for shipping at checkout. 

3.  I LOSE MONEY:  Since I am ill and currently not able to fill orders personally, I pay someone to go to the Post Office, fill out custom forms, wrap and ship the books, and send customer emails when necessary. The small profit margin on my books is quickly consumed by the cost to ship internationally, so I actually lose money on these orders.

4. TRACKING:  In the US, I can track orders to determine when and where they arrive. This isn’t the case for international shipping. And so, when that order was sent to Spain and didn’t arrive, I had no way of knowing what happened to it. I had to cover the postage and the costs of the books, so I lost about $70.

PDFs are the answer

PDFs can be sent anywhere in the world. They arrive instantly. Shipping costs nothing! Those who (like me) love printed books can place printed pages in a notebook, or add a spiral binding at a local print shop.  

This is why I have spent years making sure that all my work is available as PDFs. Thank you for considering getting PDFs — it literally means the world to me!