PDF – Creative Life

PDF – Creative Life


Creative Life

This 224-page book includes short essays and 320 practices that invite creativity into our daily lives.

This book is a collection of wisdom and guidance for people who are willing to explore and express their creative nature, and travel in the direction of a unique life. In these pages are ideas, quotes, and stories to accompany us on our turning, twisting paths. Pablo Picasso, William Shakespeare, Martha Graham, and a world-wide community of creators participate in a never-ending conversation about the attitudes and forces that guide a creative life. 

This book is also a collection of practices. Practices are activities done consciously and rhythmically for the purpose of inviting wisdom and inspiration into our bodies, actions, and lives. So, this book is more like a music book in that its purpose cannot be realized merely by reading it. It is intended to be played out on the instrument of our days. 

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