What is Freeology?

Suppose I am convinced that I should be a foot taller. As a result, I am always frustrated and bitter. I am constantly dwelling on how miserable my life is as a “short person,” and dreaming of ways I can add another twelve inches to my frame.

If you were my friend, wouldn’t you feel compelled to question my odd belief and help me realize that my present height was a fine thing? Wouldn’t you attempt to free my mind of my crazy “tall tale”? You would help me see that my incessant wish to be taller was only shrinking my happiness.

Freeology is the name I give to the kind of inquiry that frees the mind of these sorts of thoughts. It’s like philosophy, but with the specific goal of liberating ourselves from assumptions and misconceptions that diminish our capacity to create and enjoy our lives.

There are so many misconceptions about creativity! Where should we start? How about the idea of genius?


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