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forrest kinney




Learning Music the Pattern Play Way

By Forrest Kinney

Born in 2017! An introductory Pattern Play series that introduces the materials of music (chords, scales, and intervals) in creative and musical ways. All new pieces! Learn about the New Features and How it Works

PDFs  Sent via email upon purchase.

Duet 1 (PDF)
(40 Pages)

Forrest Kinney

Solo 1 (PDF)
(38 Pages)


Duet 2 (PDF)
(36 Pages)


Solo 2
(38 Pages)


forrest kinney music

Books  Physical books mailed to your U.S. address.

Duet 1 & 2
(68 Pages)


Solo 1 & 2
(68 Pages)


forrest kinney music
Videos — Links are emailed to you that are good for four months (120 days) before expiring. 

DUET 1 – Part 1: Musicality (Black Keys)
(13 Videos)


DUET 1 – Part 2: Scales (White Keys)
(16 Videos)



SOLO 1 – Part 1: Musicality (Black Keys)
(13 Videos)


SOLO 1 – Part 2: Scales (White Keys)
(16 Videos)



DUET 2 – Part 1: Intervals
(9 Videos)


DUET 2 – Part 2: Chords
(16 Videos)



SOLO 2 – Part 1: Intervals
(10 Videos)


SOLO 2 – Part 2: Chords
(18 Videos)


forrest kinney music

Pattern Play — The Original Self-Published Series

This is where Pattern Play began. These original books (the first was published in 2004) are designed for the solo pianist so there is hardly any mention of duet playing or trio playing. To learn more about this series, click here

Pattern Play: Melody, Volume 1 (BOOK)
(144 pages with CD)


Pattern Play: Melody, Volume 2 All Keys (BOOK)
(128 pages)



Pattern Play: Melody, Volume 3 Modes (BOOK)
(128 pages)


Pattern Play: Harmony, Volume 1 Chords (BOOK)
(144 pages)



Pattern Play: Set Discount on All 4 Books

forrest kinney music

Pattern Play — The Series Published by Frederick Harris Music

This series has 60 quite diverse pieces including the “all-time favorite” Patterns. Each piece is playable as both a duet and a solo, and most pieces are also presented as “trios” so that small groups of music students can play together. The pieces progress through the keys and become more challenging to play.

Contact Frederick Harris to have a 6-page Sampler mailed to you or click here. 

These books are not for sale on this site. To purchase them, go to or a retail outlet.  


1 Harris WEB 2 Harris WEB 3 Harris WEB
4 Harris WEB 5 Harris WEB 6 Harris WEB

forrest kinney music

Chord Play — The Series Published by Frederick Harris Music

This series is about the art of arranging at the piano. To learn more, click here.  To view a 6-page Sampler, click here

These books are not for sale on this site. To purchase these books, go to or a seller of music books.



forrest kinney music

Creativity Beyond Compare — BOOK

Creativity—Beyond Compare


forrest kinney music

Beginning Years — PDF

Beginning Years – 32 Pieces


forrest kinney musicBirthday Variations — PDFs

Birthday Variations – First Set of 22


Birthday Variations – Second Set of 22


Birthday Variations – Third Set of 22


Birthday Variations – Fourth Set of 22


Birthday Variations – All 88 Variations

forrest kinney music

Star Music Suite — PDF

Star Music Suite


forrest kinney music

Modes in all Keys — PDFs


Modes—Book 1


Modes – Book 2


forrest kinney music

For Entertaining — PDFs

For Lease Suite (Harder Version)


For Lease Suite (Easier Version)


Never Been to a Hoedown


Chopsticks Rag


forrest kinney music

Music is Feeling, Not Sound — PDF

Music is Feeling – 7 Piano Pieces


forrest kinney music

World Songs Collection — PDFs

World Songs Volume One


World Songs Volume Two


forrest kinney music

World Songs — BOOK

World Songs (Volume One)


forrest kinney music

Drops of Silver – PDF

Drops of Silver (Song Cycle)

forrest kinney music 



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