Quick Chord Course

Quick Chord Course cover mockup.png

Over the past 40 years, I have a developed an approach that makes understanding and playing the 32 most popular chords at the piano surprisingly easy.  (With 12 different keys, that’s 384 chords!) Knowing chords helps you arrange pieces, create accompaniments, improvise, memorize, compose, write songs, and learn most pieces more quickly.

Pianists, Songwriters, and Accompanists: Imagine being able to understand the chord symbols and play rich harmonies used in today’s music!

Piano and Voice Teachers: Imagine a simple yet comprehensive way to teach the world of modern harmony to your students.

With this approach, you make each new chord by changing just one note of a chord you previously learned. You learn to play the chords with your right hand while playing bass tones with your left (for accompanying others) and also with your left hand (for solo playing).