I give Four Arts Concerts in which I improvise, play original compositions and arrangements, and also interpret the works of Chopin, Ravel, and others. I am so fortunate to know two immensely gifted musicians with which I also give Four Arts Concerts.

  • Andrea Rackl is my duet partner. She is a remarkably intuitive improviser and also a seasoned performer. Here is a video that shows what we do.

This video introduces "Andrea and Forrest," a piano-duet team that shares the Four Arts of Music in their concerts: interpretations of masterworks, improvisations of various kinds, fresh arrangements of classical and popular themes, and compositions that explore new frontiers in duet playing. They strive to balance gravity with levity, so there is also always humor in every concert.

Contact Andrea Rackl, with your questions or interest in a duet concert.


• Dr. Kevin Helppie, a master vocalist, and I have given concerts together for over twenty-five years. We recently performed at the Music Teachers Association of California state conference in 2017.


Contact Forrest to organize a solo concert, or a combined concert with Dr. Kevin Helppie.